We are members of the Health Professions Council (HPC), who are an independent UK-wide health regulator. They set standards of professional training, performance and conduct for 13 professionals, including chiropodists and podiatrists.


Our clinic comprises of friendly and efficient qualified staff, with over 30 years of footcare experience between them. Our premises are on the ground floor with easy access for wheelchairs. The clinics are located on a main road with good public transport links and within walking distance of  underground station. We specialise in the treatment of all types of foot conditions, including routine footcare, minor surgery, gait analysis/ biomechanics, to making insoles and orthotics. We see a cross section of patients, ranging from children through to the elderly. We are experts in treating patients with diabetes and other conditions requiring specialist care.

All new patients are welcome!


Routine foot care
Nail cutting and corn/ hard skin removal

Verrucae/Wart removal
using acids/ chemicals, freezing & homeopathy

Ingrown nails
removal of nail splinter with or without local anaesthesia. Toenail surgery with partial or complete removal of the nail.

Sports injuries/gait analysis
biomechanical assessment completed with a view to providing an insole/orthotic to help improve posture

Diabetic foot care
Treatment of diabetic foot conditions and screening.
Athletes foot & fungal nail infections

Foot pain
heel pain, arch pain, pain under ball of foot

Nail trauma
thickened/horny nails. Blood blister under nails making them loose or coming off completely.

Children's feet
growth problems, growing pains, pigeon toed, flat feet, footwear, foot care advice.

Homeopathic Foot Treatments (Marigold Therapy)
Pain free & natural for the treatment of: corns/ hard skin, verrucaes/warts, bunions, athletes foot, wounds/ulcers, foot pain and swelling , nail conditions (fungal nails, ingrowing toenails)

~ Early Morning & Late Evening appointments available ~
~ Emergency and Same-day appointments available ~
~ Home visits available ~


M. Butt & Associates

156 Hermon Hill, South Woodford,
London E18 1QH

Telephone: 020 8989 5876

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8.00AM - 6PM
Saturday: 8.00
AM - 2.00PM


within Cadge Pharmacy
105 Philip Lane, London N15 4JR

Telephone: 020 8801 6006

Opening Hours:
Tuesday & Thursday: 8.00AM - 6PM
Saturday: 8.00
AM - 2.00PM

Emergency Mobile: 07976 751 668
Email: info@completefootcare.co.uk